The founder of The Purple is guitarist Tony Borg and the singer Christian Bengtsson. 
During the 1990s, they underwent 5 years of success with the Deep Purple concept in 
Skandinaven under the name White Purple. Then at that moment they picked up talented 
instrumentalists from a number of famous bands. To name a few, drummer Ian Haugland 
and keyboardist Mic Michaeli from the famous rockband Europe. 

Tony and Christian decided to resume the band after December 2016 after talking to some 
organizers. The first thing to do was recruit great musicians and record a video. 
The song they chose was Deep Purle's "Highway Star" which will also be released as single digitally. 

The Purple will play at various festivals and focus on playing everywhere 
where there are audiences who appreciate classical rock. 

About us

Everyone in The Purple is big fans of Deep Purple in the 70's and 80's. Our goal is to perform the songs  
with the same nerve, passion, glow and energy. 
We love it.

The Purple delivers Deep Purples catalog with amazing production, powerful vocals, 
instrumental performances and professional scanning experience. 

The band's repertoire consists of 100% Deep Purple songs from 1970 onwards. 
They presents an amazing live rock show for fans of classic rock. It amazes the 
audience everywhere. 

The Purple takes you back in time to one of today's most exciting live acts.
Perform all classics like Smoke on the Water, Space Truckin, 
Highway Star, Burn and many more.